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Located in the historic New Castle opera house, we are an eclectic cooperative, consisting of 5000 sq ft of art, antiques, collectibles & treasures. On-site framing services are also available. We’re not your average antique store.

Michelle Quaranta, Owner

I’ve been in real estate for most of my career. Unique homes with a history and many stories to tell have always been my favorite.  So much so that my husband, Michael, and I purchased the Van Dyke House in Historic New Castle, Delaware - a Federal-style home built in 1820 by Senator Nicholas Van Dyke, and on the Historic Register. We came to feel that we weren’t as much “owners” of the house as we were stewards of the history. 


We’ve both been collectors of all things beautiful and unusual for years, so bringing those things together into a store like 2nd ACT was a natural extension of our passion.  All of our vendors live in homes that have wonderful stories of their own, and we all have that same desire to share those stories.


We source the old, the beautiful, the rare, the quirky.  We come by our items from a variety of sources, including auction houses, collectors, private sales and consignments.  We believe beauty should be a part of everyone's lives - original, affordable and personal.  So we do our best to find those special items, and bring them to you.


You can be absolutely certain you are buying quality pieces when you buy from us. Come visit the brick and mortar store in Historic New Castle. We hope you enjoy it. Here's to love, to history, and everything in between.




Craig A. Schwartz

Mr. Craig A. Schwartz has a variety of passions that involve Real Estate, antiquing, bicycling, hiking, scuba diving, traveling, wine and somehow each one entails photography to a certain degree.

Photographer’s assistance in the 1980’s was one avenue of being exposed to the industry. This led to the interest in the 1990’s of being involved with the footwear industry. His creative photographic work with footwear for the Wholesale Division was used for marketing the products at conventions. All of this was part of a sideline business in addition to his career.

Currently being a Professional Residential REALTOR ® at Patterson-Schwartz for 14+ years with over ten designations, he does offer to photo shoot homes for agents.  But the passion for photography goes beyond the set staged of homes.

Significantly over the past few decades he has created a mass amount of inventory of photographic art work that showcase architectural design, natural settings, travelling experiences and even his passion for wine. As he works through and previews each photograph he has been releasing them both on Giclée canvas and Professional Endura Premiere paper.  This collection of artwork is in addition to his current pursuits of passion.

His Goal as Stated;

“Discovering the world as my art palette using all six senses to explore and share the one captured moment.”

1st Photographer and photograph that stood out in his mind;

Louis Schwartz, his father. Candid photo of a young artist painting on the beach in MA along the Cape as perhaps his significant other watches over the creative oil artwork being produced.   

2NDPhotographer; Edward James Muggeridge and “Sallie Gardner at a Gallop” 1878





Jan Henion, Vintage NOW

I have always had an interest in the “Past” in terms of Antiques, Vintage and Collectibles. Since first visiting with my grandparents in Maine as a young girl, I was fascinated with their unique items and the furniture of that era.


As I began furnishing my own home, I collected many of these “period pieces” and coordinated them with vintage and current items.


Hence the business name “Vintage NOW.”  My granddaughter designed my business card and my son and grandson came up with the logo name. (NOW—Nana, Olivia, Wes)






Rodney Pratt Framing & Gallery


I have been involved in framing for 10 years. My current and on going association is with Qoro, a specialized reproduction system that can create giclee prints of the original paintings at a fair market value that has not been achievable before. I have worked with many of the local artists, framing originals & reproductions, with the latest mouldings & materials that can be found in the market place. I have also done countless hours of research to find mouldings that customers want to match mouldings that may or may not exist.

Manor Antiques


​The owners of Manor Antiques are residents of Historic New Castle, and longtime dealers as well.  They are true "antiques"dealers and are passionate and serious about their finds.


Opportunities at 2ndACT:

We are always looking for creative collaborators, and we do at times take consignments. Use the Contact Page to get in touch!

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